Mallorca enters a new era!

Hi everyone, my name is Jane Gracia and I live in Mallorca. A very different Mallorca to the one I have known and loved for 22 years. From the 15th March to the 22nd May we were in a very strict lockdown, not even granted a daily “sanity” walk. Now, as we move freely around, I am so very grateful for all this beautiful island has to offer. For our economy, I am happy the restrictions are being lifted and we are welcoming visitors to Mallorca once more. However, I am also a little bit nervous, as I do not want to repeat the aforementioned lockdown. It was tough, very tough. I hope all that we have been through until now has made us wiser, more prudent. I hope visitors will respect the 2-metre rule and remember that mask-wearing in public is now mandatory.

Mallorca enters a new era
Enjoying this beautiful isalnd with my daughter.

So, as this wonderful island slowly wakes from the deepest of slumbers, I head off to the east coast with my daughter to appreciate it all. We head to Cala Figuera, a small fishing village, new to me. I realise I am not seeing it as it usually is, one or two small hotels have opened, several restaurants, but little else.

We check in to our aparthotel, the Marblau, (Room 107, clean, comfortable with a kitchenette and the best air con!!) perfectly adequate for our one night stay, and head off to explore. A lazy afternoon on the nearby Cala Santanyi, surprisingly busy despite the lack of tourists. We check out a colourful juice bar and scroll the menus of nearby restaurants for vegan options… the Cala Santanyi Hostal, by the way, did not disappoint in that department !! So, the plan was to head back to our room, quick turnaround, and walk back along the cliff path to enjoy the delights of the beachside restaurant. It was perfect, the little track took us close to the cliff edge, an unbroken view out across the Med, a single sailing boat.. normally at this time of year we would see many boats returning to port after a day out at sea, everything feels different this year, everything is different this year.

Cala Santanyi Mallorca
Cristal clear blue water in Cala Santanyi.

The following day we decide to explore Cala des Moro. This is a beautiful rocky inlet close to Cala Llombards. However, I feel it needs to be said that this is a perfect spot for an early morning snorkel, not for a full “beach day”. It fills up quickly, with locals I might add, so what would it be like in a “normal” summer!! One must park in the free car park and from there it is approximately a half-hour walk… It took us longer, as we brought a sunshade, (no sand to stick the pole into, so definitely not needed!!), quite a hefty cool bag (go for a snorkel and return, that way all you need is a bottle of water) and of course we had the snorkel gear, towels and suncream !!! Travel light, especially in the heat of late June. We were glad we went, as neither of us knew this delightful little bay, but I would not rush back.

I am enjoying our local beach, Puerto Pollensa. No sunbeds, no parasols, no facilities.. this year all is different. As I walk through town this morning, I see more restaurants are now open, the Hotel Daina has a team frantically working on it, day and night… I can only guess they must have plenty of bookings for the coming months. After many months of the back and forth of “will we/won’t we have tourists this year” it is encouraging to see.

We rely heavily on tourism, so thank you for coming to our amazing island. Enjoy your stay, eat in the restaurants, drink in the bars, have a fabulous holiday. But, please respect the rules, this summer is different, like no other we have had. The threat of Covid-19 remains a dark cloud on the horizon. Keep your distance, wear your mask, disinfect your hands. Thank you!

Stay safe! Enjoy your holidays in Mallorca.
Stay safe! Enjoy your holidays in Mallorca

Take care my friends, until next week.

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