How can we Help our environment?

Our planet is entering our 6th mass extinction, and according to scientists overpopulation and over consumption is to blame. They also warn us that in order to resolve this crisis we have only a short window to act.

All the recent studies show that we have lost more than 50% of the vertebrate species in the last 50 years and that the insect mass is falling by 2,5% per year.

I am 54 years old, and I feel ashamed of myself and my generation for not taking action sooner, for having to be taught by this amazing upcoming and  younger generation and especially by my daughter on how to look after our planet, for not seeing all the warning signs, and mostly for thinking that this does not apply to me…

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Amazing Underwater Workout!

Here is an example of how I keep fit and healthy, as this underwater workout works on my stamina, my cardio, my breath holding capacity, my adaptation to the cold and my mental focus. I do this workout once a week. Please leave your comments and suggestions down below.

    Amazing benefits of the Wim Hof Method after 2 years of practice!

    Breathing deep will make you happy, healthy and fulfilled….

    If you have tried the Wim Hof method, please leave your comments and especially the benefits you felt. And if you haven-t tried this method and have some questions, pop them in the comments and I will gladly answer. happy breathing….

      Myth or reality!!! Does the Wim Hof Method work?


      I embarked on this amazing journey 2 years ago when I saw an article in a local newspaper about The Iceman, Wim Hof and his method.  So intrigued at first I checked his website, listened to his interview on the “Joe Rogan podcast” and was immediately hooked. I started practising with his guided breathing and this was swiftly followed by a full 10 weeks Fundamental course.

      Two years down the line I am still practising daily and want to share the benefits I am experiencing.

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      50 Reasons to Live to 100

      These are my 50 Reasons to Live to 100:

      1. To enjoy the magic of nature at sunrise and sunset.

      2. To hear a child’s uncontrollable giggle

      3. To feel the crunch of snow underfoot

      4. To be woken by the early morning blackbird alarm.

      5. To listen to someone deliver a passionate speech.

      6. To work online whilst travelling the globe.

      7. To relish the feel of soft sand between my toes.

      8. To tilt my face to the first warming rays of the spring sunshine.

      9. To explore the oceans of the world.


      Travel the world and sail the oceans

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