Conscious & Subconscious Mind

Have you ever fallen madly in love with someone?

  I can remember every single detail about that experience! I couldn’t eat, sleep, think, my whole self being totally consumed by these eurphoric feelings.. nothing else mattered, not the bills, not my work or where I lived….. it  all paled into insignificance. I wanted to spend all my time and energy being with her. This is the true Honey moon Effect. My senses were truly heightened in glorious multi colour as my brain produced amazing chemistry for my body. Feeling invincible, as if anything was possible, the images in my mind so powerful and clear…. In this state, I was tuned in and completely running from my creative mind, my conscious mind. This could go on for weeks, maybe months, but eventually one must start thinking about other things, like where are we going to live, what will we do for money, how will we pay the bills, what about my work and many more questions that bring you back to planet earth .

Love is in the air….

 This is  when your subconscious mind takes over. You start running the programmes that have been downloaded during your childhood and those that you have acquired later. And If the programmes from the subconscious don’t match your reality, well things become more complicated…
In the next paragraphs we will see how to be aware of the programmes that you are running all the time and also, most importantly, how to change those that are negative, limiting and disempowering. In a perfect world you would want to match your wishes and desires that are created in your conscious mind with the programme that is running in your subconscious.

 Conscious mind

 In psychology the conscious mind includes everything inside of your awareness such as perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts, memories and fantasies. It functions very much like a binary computer performing two functions: It accepts or rejects data in making choices and decisions. It can deal with only one thought at a time, positive or negative, “yes” or “no.” This is why people who adopt positive thinking lifestyles regularly read inspirational books or listen to empowering podcasts and surround themselves with like minded people.  Our single track mind can only entertain one idea at a time, so keeping it occupied with uplifting material has the power to block negative thoughts. Consciousness is creating our life experiences, so if you change your consciousness you change your life experience. The conscious mind  has 4 basic functions which are to identify, compare, analyse and finally decide.
For example you are about to jump into the sea from the top of a high rock. Once up there, you look down and identify the height, then you compare it with past experiences. Then you analyse this information to finally decide to jump or not.

Subconscious mind!

Your subconscious mind has what is called a homeostatic impulse. It keeps your body temperature at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, just as it keeps you breathing regularly and keeps your heart beating at a certain rate. Through your autonomic nervous system, it maintains a balance amongst the hundreds of chemicals in your billions of cells so that your entire physical machine functions in complete harmony most of the time. It operates without your awareness and over which you do not have active control.

Your subconscious mind also practises homeostasis in your mental realm by keeping you thinking and acting in a manner consistent with what you have done and said in the past. During your early years it acts like a tape recorder, downloading any information it comes across. It’s not good or bad, it simply records. As we grow and start the interaction with the world, it carries on tapping into these programmes and adding new ones. All your habits are stored in your subconscious mind. It has memorized all your comfort zones, it works to keep you in them, responds exactly the way you were programmed and ultimately keeps you safe..

feeling safe in a Loving relationship..
Feeling the safety of a loving relationship…

How does it all start?

From the last 3 months of gestation to approximately year 7 your brain functions in a lower frequency called Theta 3  to 8 Hz, common in meditation or hypnosis.

The child brain operates in this lower frequency because it has to take in so much information. It downloads all that it sees and hears from his/her parents, siblings, friends, etc. Everything the child feels, tastes and smells, every experience he/she has.. the mind is continuously downloading as much information as possible. As  the child makes his/her way into the world he/she hopefully has all the answers, behaviours, gestures and some knowledge to function in a family environment and in society with his/ her peers.

Then past the age of 6/7, the child learns through a different process called habituation or repetition. This is how you all learnt your alphabet, your times table and later on how to drive,   play an instrument and many more things. So conscious and subconscious learn in two different ways.

Why is this useful to know?

During our day we are taking in a huge amount of information through our senses . This information is stored or deleted and we are continuously thinking. I am sure whilst you are reading these lines your mind is wandering and jumping to many other places. So while you are thinking about your next meal or tomorrow’s workout, who is really running the show? Well it’s your subconscious mind that is on autopilot mode almost 95 percent of the time. So while you are busy thinking, the programme you downloaded the first 7 years of your life is taking over. For example, you are walking down the street, an action learnt in infancy and stored in your subconscious, and whilst you do that you are capable of answering your phone and discussing with your friend where you should meet later for dinner !!

Rather alarmingly, studies have shown that 75 percent  of this programming downloaded in the early years is disempowering, negative and self limiting. ” Don’t do this, stop or you will hurt yourself, eat your food or else… if you don’t do this, I will not let do that…. don’t answer back…” It probably  sounds all too familiar to many of us parents.  Because this program is in charge 95 percent of the time, your life is a true representation of the programmes you are running, whether they are empowering, positive, uplifting or disempowering, limiting and negative.  I was rather shocked to discover this and remembered how I would sometimes use negative words and behaviour with my children. Sharing this with you is a wonderful feeling as I know I would have wanted someone to tell me this information way back before I had even thought about having children. I remember something Jane’s Granny used to say and I now fully understand it..

“Give me a child till he is 7 and I will give you the man”

All the aspects of your life that  you are good at, that  you love doing, that come easy to you, or that  you could do all day are run by positive and empowering programmes and make you feel good. On the other hand, anything you struggle with, that is a chore for you, that scares you is probably run by disempowering, limiting and negative programmes and makes you feel bad.

Conscious and subconcious mind.
How can I replace my negative thoughts by positive ones….

How to change these limiting programs!

During the day the brain operates in 4 different brain waves. When you are deeply asleep you are in  a low brain wave frequency called Delta. This is your deep sleep and as you awaken you enter into theta brain waves or hypnosis. This is the state of mind where you can download information into your subconscious.  As you come out of this stage you enter the calm consciousness or alpha brain waves where you are not 100% fully engaged, you are still sleepy, clumsy and not too sure or aware of all your senses. As you go out into the world you should be in full active consciousness or beta brain waves. As you wind down your day the process is reversed and you end up again in theta waves in bed just before you fall asleep.

So in fact, we have two windows per day where we can download positive affirmation, subliminal messages and empowering thoughts into our subconscious mind if we want to change those limiting programmes.  Just put some earphones on as you are going to bed or just waking up and listen to some empowering  messages. Pick an area you want to change, such as improving your  health , having better relationships or increasing your  wealth, etc and let the magic happen. This does not happen overnight so to speak, the message needs to be repeated over and over until it is the new empowering programme  that is now embedded in your subconscious mind.

I started with the book “The secret “ by Ronda Byrne. Every night, for months, I would listen to it and then during the day I was seeing and experiencing examples of the Law of attraction everywhere. Then I went onto more hypnotic messages with Paul McKenna, ” Change your life in 7 days”, and devoured most of his books as well as listening to his hypnotic messages. I was visualizing great health, happiness, more clients and the Law of attraction would respond to me .

Now that we have seen the downloading via hypnosis, let’s look at  learning through repetition. Just as you learned to drive when you were an adult, through repetition,  you can learn new habits and  new positive thinking patterns.  Ultimately with time and repetition you can  change some limiting beliefs that originate from the subconscious mind.

conscious mind and flowing thoughts
Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it..

Here are a few suggestions that will help.

  • Stay clear from negative or toxic people or so called energy vampires
  • Be selective with the information that you watch, read or listen to
  • Surround yourself with positive, loving and like minded  people
  • listen to empowering podcasts
  • engage in outdoors activities with family and friends
  • Start meditation 
  • Learn to visualize

The power of visualizing!

“It is the pictures in our mind that create the chemistry that our brain is going to release in our body” this is a quote that I found in one of Dr Bruce Lipton’s books, called The Biology of Belief. In his book he explains how it all works and why our well being starts by the quality of the image we project in our mind.

 We are a collective living community  of 50 trillion cells and a few billion of those need replacing every single day and  that’s the job of the stem cells. These are all genetically  identical and depending on the blood chemistry they are bathing in at that time, they will produce bone cells, skin cells or any other part of the body that needs new cells. So in other words it is the chemistry that is released in the blood that will determine the function of these stem cells.  Now the question is who or what produces this chemistry? It is the brain! Yes, the brain is the chemist releasing into the blood all the different chemicals to balance it all out. So, how does this work?

Now comes the interesting part.  What vision do you have in your mind? If  it is love, the brain will produce endorphines, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin  to make you feel good. Now if it is fear, anger and stress the brain will produce adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine to respond to a stressful situation. The function of the brain is to secrete a complement of that experience. So this means that you can have a greater impact on your body / health than you were lead to believe, by simply having nicer, kinder and more loving images in your mind.

You have all  heard of the placebo effect where it is your belief that taking the pill and not the actual pill component that actually healing you.  So when you believe taking the pill will make you healthy, you have that image in your mind and, in turn, YOU will produce healing chemistry for your body. Unfortunately the same happens for a negative picture in your brain and it’s function is to produce the complementary chemistry to that picture. So a negative thought is equally powerful as positive thinking but works in an opposite direction. The important take here is that it is your perception of the environment that will create the chemistry in your body to match the picture. This was wonderful news to me, because for the first time I no longer felt like a victim of my genes or that I had no control over my health! To the contrary, now I know that by changing the images in my mind and replacing all the negative ones by positive, empowering , non limiting ones I can lead a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

Conscious and subconscious mind
Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better- Maya Angelou-

Visualizing is a wonderful tool to construct and input nicer images in your brain. Use your imagination, kids do this all the time, your conscious mind is creative.  Athletes use visualizing before a game or a race and they replay the whole event in their mind many times before the event. You have probably have been visualizing all of your life without even realizing it… if I say to you think of a dog, well you already have an image of a dog in your head don’t you ?

How to start visualizing?

1- Sit in a comfortable place where you can safely close your eyes and visualize your front door, your fridge, your car, etc, trying to add as much detail as possible such as color, shape, features and repeat this daily.

2- When you feel comfortable with this then move on to more complex pictures, such as your office, your kitchen, your friend’s flat, etc. 

 3- Your next step is to add more details, not just the  physical ones, start including more  senses, like opening the fridge, feeling the cold air on your face, seeing your hand reach for this cold beer, opening it after you close the door of the fridge, feeling the cold amber liquid going down your throat, tasting the bitterness, the fizz, etc.. My goodness, I can practically taste it !!!

 4- Now that you have more training, the next step is to visualize and manifest the kind of life you want. Think big, think all aspects of life, health, wealth, mind, spirit, relationships, travel, work, etc.

conscious and subconscious mind
Start now putting nice pictures in your mind…

5- Picture in detail all the aspects of the life you desire, create a clear vision. Start creating positive, empowering images.

6- In those images, or mind movies as I like to call them, keep  adding  emotions, sounds, smells, feelings, anything that will make it more sensory rich.

7- Persevere and take daily action and it will become second nature for you to have better images of your life and this, in turn, will produce better chemistry in your body. 

In summary.

Our consciousness is creating our life experiences and if you change your consciousness you can change your life experiences.

So if you want to change your life you can do one of two things. Stay in your conscious mind and live for the moment to create a life that you truly love.  Or  start changing the disempowering programmes that you have from your childhood through hypnosis and/or repetition. Ultimately if your subconscious programme matches the wishes and desires that you hold in your conscious mind, you will live your life in a world where all is in harmony, your conscious  wishes and desires, your subconscious  programming and the reality that you live every day. This is when the real magic begins.


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