2021- My 50 reasons to live to 100!

Pedro Gracia

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Imagine living happy, healthy and fulfilled to 100!

Every January usually starts with a list of ” New year’s resolutions”. Well for 2021, I have decided to make mine “very long term resolutions”. In fact, these are more reasons why I want to live to 100… So here are my ” 50 reasons to live to 100 “.

Living in the south pacific
Sailing the south pacific islands…

1. Lying in bed whilst it is rainy, stormy and windy outside.

2. Having a delicious hot cup of coffee, oh dear,… I would find it impossible to give that up!

3. Because there are so many places in the world you still want to see.

4. Travelling far north to see the northern lights.

5. Flying to the Philippines and diving as much as possible.

6. Celebrating birthdays with my family.

7. Learning new things all the time.

8. Creating and maintaining our family traditions.

9. Hiking the beautiful mountains of Mallorca with my wife and kids. 

10. Going to the movies  (I haven’t done that for ages).

11. Eating Fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown locally.

12. Getting recognition for something you thought no one noticed.

13. Christmas secrets! I normally don’t like secrets except the ones involving presents.

14. Getting a hug from your spouse just when you most need it.

Love is one of " My 50 reasons to live to 100"
Love is one of “My reasons to live to 100”

15.Lying on a beach on a hot summer’s day and feeling the sun on your skin.

16. Starting and finishing a good book.

17. Noticing all of nature’s little things, like a little seedling coming out of the soil, the veins on a leaf, etc…

18. Knowing that there is only one of you in the world and that this makes you unique and special.

19. Discovering as many oceans as possible.

20. Knowing that you have the ability to make others laugh.

22. Enjoying all the simple pleasures in life, like a sunset, taking deep long breaths, a cold shower on a summer’s day…

23. To have the privilege to see your kids grow into real people with their own thoughts, opinions, feelings and eventually meet their partners.

Family together

24. The beauty of knowing that no matter what happens in your life you have a handful of people there for you. Even if they might not know how to help or what to say they care enough to be by your side.

25. Diving in a brand new exotic location.

26. Realizing that Life has meaning, even when it is difficult, unpleasant and you haven’t a clue what it is.

27. Having a nutritious meal after an intense workout.

28. Waking up refreshed and energized after a good night’s sleep.

29. Gazing deeply  into the eyes of  someone you love almost as if you can see their soul.

30. Saying kind words to someone and knowing that you have  made their day.

31. Ascending from a deep dive and wishing you could stay longer.

32. Knowing that you’d be missed by others if you weren’t around, even if sometimes you don’t think so.

33. You might save someone’s life one day.

34. Sailing across a vast ocean and seeing land for the first time in weeks.

35. Finding more pleasure in some of the little things you do in life than in the bigger things.

36. Writing a blog about something you are passionate about.

37. Watching your favorite movies with your family during the Christmas holidays .

38. Lying on the sand on a cool summer’s night, waiting for a shooting star.

39. Planning my next trip with my wife (I know with the uncertainty of travel at the moment it’s impossible to do any planning but nobody can stop you visualizing it).

40. Entering a sauna or steam room on a cold, windy winter’s day.

41.Taking stock of the day before you go to sleep and plan for a better tomorrow.

42.Marvel at the wonder of what your body is capable of and how your cells are constantly regenerating, changing and processing. 

43. Having the ability to inspire someone who feels broken.

44. Finding and being with people that inspire you.

45. To earn a living online from anywhere you want.

46. To feel love and pride in my heart when I think of my son and daughter.

47. To realize that the hard experiences you go through in life are what your soul needs most to make you grow.

48. To realize that every stage of life has its inherent strengths. The stage of life you are in right now is meaningful even though it is hard to see it sometimes.

49. Anchoring for the first time in a totally deserted bay in the south pacific Islands.

50. To be able to see yourself make the world a better place in whatever way you choose to do that.

So here are 50 things that will keep me going until my 100th birthday. Now it’s your turn!

Take care my friends , see you next week.

Smart Living To 100

PS: Happy New Year 2021

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