Why we should support young music artist in 2020?

Pedro Gracia

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Do you think the world of music will ever return to normal? In the grip of the Covid 19 pandemic, some say the music scene as we know it is gone forever, while others offer a more gradual and positive view and are convinced we will return to as it was, or it will evolve to something better. Although online consumption has risen, music makers are still struggling. With cancelled concerts, tours and festivals ruled out, venues and gigs closed down, the young music artists are out of pocket for 2020 and possibly the best part of 2021. So, why should we support young artists in 2020?

Today, I want to share a video cover from a promising singer-songwriter called Matilda Gracia. Yes, she is my daughter, and yes I am biased, but like many other musicians she has had her career in London come to a halt because of this pandemic. Now she is back in Mallorca out of pocket but still producing music videos on youtube, writing numerous new songs and using this pause in time as fuel to keep her creativity flowing. As a way to support her as a young music artist, I wanted to share with you one of her latest videos, that we filmed at a beautiful location, on top of a mountain in the north of Mallorca.

Just like Matilda, millions of people around the world have turned to music to help them through the crisis. From balcony-based sing-alongs to megastar global broadcasts, from listening to the latest hits to learning a new instrument, music has become embedded in our responses to disrupted lives. For many people, it might have even been their lifeline to sanity whilst in isolation.  During my first lockdown, thanks to Spotify, I have rediscovered some older artists that I had completely forgotten, it has helped me punch through countless hours of training on my 2m square mat, and finally, music has made time feel sweeter than it really was.

This is hardly surprising, as music has so many health benefits ranging from improving mood, reducing stress and anxiety, improving memory and cognition, and has been proven to help autistic children and premature babies.

So how can we help young music artists?

  • Spare a few coins and donate to a local busker.
  • Do you miss live performances?

I know I do, we can still watch our favourite artists live stream from the comfort of our homes and, even better, donate the price that you would have paid for a ticket directly to them to show appreciation for their art. 

And if times are really really tough for you and you can’t donate anything right now there are still many ways to support independent artists. Sharing their music and videos on Facebook, Instagram, youtube or social media platforms, commenting and sharing directly to friends and family members. There are so many ways in which we can support the music industry, it’s important to support in as many ways as we can. 

I know I’ll do my best to support young music artists as they are the future of our music industry. I am not an avid music follower, but it has always been such a help to me especially during difficult moments.. boosting my morale, energising me and relieving some amount of stress.

So I would put music on my list of essentials, on my journey to 100.

Take care my friends, I hope you enjoy this video, and until next week.

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