Mallorca Lockdown phase 2! A return to snorkelling!

Pedro Gracia

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As Mallorca enters phase 2 of this COVID 19 lockdown, life is slowly returning to a new normality.  We can move freely around the island, we can go into shops and restaurants and we can sit at a bar terrace to sip a cold drink, being mindful of social distancing of course!

For me, the most exciting thing is being able to go to the beach again and to swim in the beautiful Mediterranean sea… 

I headed to Cala San Vicente, close to Pollensa in the north of Mallorca. This small beach was almost empty, no sunbeds yet, no parasols, some seaweed clumped at the water’s edge, piles of driftwood stacked against the rocks, almost as if I had stepped back in time.

This is my favourite beach, as it has easy access to some of the most amazing snorkelling ground, ranging from white undulating sand to rocks and seaweed, to sheer

drops along the mountain’s edge. The water is spectacularly clear with a visibility in excess of 30 metres, and although a bit cold, without hesitation I was straight in.

Here, in my liquid element, I feel at peace, in awe of such enchanting surroundings. This is what I had been missing, my connection with the sea.  Although floating, I am grounded.  Although swimming, I am still. 

It’s great to be snorkelling again…roll on summer 2020.

Marine life seems to have moved closer to shore during this lockdown period.  I am surrounded by hundreds of small barracudas, tiny silver arrows darting through the water. Sea bream and Saupe fish almost close enough to touch.  An elegant stingray, an octopus curled in his rocky lair and an angry-looking moray eel retreating to her hiding place under the rocks. I carry on snorkelling alongside the cliff face dodging a few jellyfish that carelessly stray into my path… I am happy….

As I lie on the beach, letting the sun warm my body, I am profoundly thankful. If these past 2 and half months of confinement have taught me one thing, it is not to take for granted all the wonderful and simple pleasures that Mallorca has in abundance. I am already planning my next visit to Cala Varques, calas de Mallorca, from Alcudia head towards coll baix , and much more.

I hope we can swiftly move through the last phase in order to get back to a new normality. Then tourists from all over Europe will return to our shores, enjoy its beauty and spend their precious 2020 holidays in Mallorca.

Until then take care, my friends, and feel free to leave any comment and get in touch.

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